About This Site

This site is a temporary home for the website I am building that will include this "Hosta Price Guide" and many other features. This site is not set up to directly sell Hostas. I think of it more as a "catalog" in which to build wish lists and order requests to send to the vendors listed. As your are searching this site, make and name a wish list for each vendor and then share it with them. If they have them available I am sure they will send and invoice along. I will be adding vendors who specialize in Hostas from all around the globe. Their locations and shipping details will be at the top of their page on this site. Some vendors may not ship into your country or at all. Use this site to make plans for road trips to help complete your collection, if there is such a thing!


Along with more vendors, I will also be adding images and categories. I have Don Rawson's Hosta Lists , http://www.hostalists.org/index.php, in the database and will be more from it to the site. I also will add more sports that I get from here also, https://myhostas.be/sports/index.htm


There will soon be some links to local societies and events in the footer of the page in the near future. Check back often.


If you would like to help, I am currently accepting images to add to the site. If you have any, watermark them if you would like and let me know. Also, you can make a list for each category and add the "unsorted" varieties into their proper category and share those lists with me, that includes size, color, themes or any other category you think a plant should be in.


I hope you find some use from this site.